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Global Frontier
Our research theme is to develop smart systems using the convergence of IT, BT, and NT, especially designed for optimal performances in a number of application areas including biomedical diagnosis, vehicles, robots, and sensor networks. To obtain maximal figure-of-merits for such applications, we explore diverse and multi-dimensional technology spectra including materials, fabrication techniques, devices, three-dimensional integrated circuits, digital platforms, software, and networks.

다차원 스마트 IT 융합 시스템이란 소재, 공정, 소자, 회로, 3차원 IC, 디지털 플랫폼, 소프트웨어, 네트워크 등을 망라한 다차원 기술 공간에서 의료/진단 기기,차량, 로봇, 센서 네트워크 등 다양한 응용 영역의 요구에 따른 양도지수가 만족되도록 ‘최적 성능’으로 설계된 IT-BT-NT 융합 시스템이다.

We develop innovative devices, circuits, and element technologies to overcome the stagnant factors blocking the growth of IT and develop systemization technologies to open new markets in IT convergence industry. Our main goals are to develop common platforms on which various devices and sensors can be loaded and to optimize the platform performances through convergence of hardwares and softwares. Multi-dimensional smart IT convergence systems are eventually created through epochal improvements in overall figure-of-merits in the performances of energy consumption, processing speed, sensitivity, size, and so on.

설계와 응용에서 기존의 패러다임을 뛰어 넘는 다차원 스마트 IT 융합 시스템의 개발 기술 확보를 통해 에너지 소비, 편이성, 연구개발 투자효과를 크게 개선함으로써, 여러 양도지수 (Figure of Merit)가 1000배 증가하는 1000배 나은 세상을 열 수 있다.